Z’s Story: Monster In My Head

Z’s Story: Monster In My Head

scared to close my eyes
relax and become limber.
afraid to slip into a helpless slumber
make a wimper or a sigh.
I see his face, his hands
hot breath, the growing heat.
carried in by steps of creeping feet
innocence slips away like wind blown sands
From the monster in my bed

the monster that still haunts my dreams
trying so hard to hide
these demons inside
ready to rip apart my seams
he stole my identity
left me with a damaged soul
turned in a useless bowl.
why cant I be free?
From the monster in my bed

sick of the shame
of this dirty little secret,
the mask to hide my defects.
must numb the pain
so people see only the outside.
a shroud of silence and secrecy
he still has that power over me.
into my own created world I hide
From the monster in my head



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