Zaria’s Story: There Was Once Love

Zaria’s Story: There Was Once Love

It seems every time I close me eyes I can see him on top of me and, if I sit too still, I can feel him. I was 16 when my boyfriend took something from me I will never get back. I lived with my mom in Canada almost me whole life. Yet she died, therefore I had to move in with my dad in California who I barely know. As soon as I get there it was automatic problems between my step mom and I. I would stay out late, but I would always come home eventually. One day my step mom rushes in my room saying a bunch of bs and my dad sat there just backing her up. As they yelled, I grabbed things and ran out. I’m at my boyfriends apartment as I cried out to him also telling him about what just took place. He comforts me and says I can stay if I wanted. I replied yes. As I get ready for bed
(first time sleeping over), he grabs me and sits me in his lap. As we began to kiss, he starts touching me. I asked him to stop over and over. I even started screaming. He yanked me by my ponytail and held my hands,the entire time I just cried I even tried to fight him. Yet, he hit me so hard that I blacked out. The next day I wake yet he is no where to be found. I could barley walk as my legs shake from anxiety. I told my dad about what happened he took me to an therapist. She called the police once I opened up to her, because my dad didn’t have the balls. I would always think maybe it is my fault. I could have prevented this. I wonder if you heard my scream of help would you attempt to save me?



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