You Left Me There

I was recently in London for Christmas and the jet lagged kicked in like a dear friend I haven’t seen in a while. We had a good old catch up and in that catch up I got inspired to write a poem, something I haven’t done since I was about twelve years old. I got inspired about the so-called “friend” who was there when I got assaulted. Who was there and did nothing. Who was there and instead of supporting her friend supported the guys. The girl who thought I was going to crumble and not complete my Masters Degree because she thought I was going to be too weak to continue. The girl who thought I was finished with life. The girl who thought I would fade into the background.

To that girl who left me…you were so very, very wrong.

You Left Me There

You left me there,
After I had my soul destroyed,
As I lay in an empty blanket,
Whilst my mind was in a void.

You left me there,
Naked and alone with no hope,
As you watched from afar,
How did you expect I would cope?

You left me there,
Shivering and my body soiled.
You thought I would break,
Now that my soul had been spoiled.

You left me there,
Thinking I would never recover,
From being raped and cheated,
Out of a gentle lover.

You left me there,
Your friend, your fellowship,
Your betrayal and deceptive nature,
Thinking you’d sink this battleship.

You left me there,
Because you didn’t think I would survive.
Little did you know,
I would become so much stronger and thrive.

You left me there,
Thinking I would be defeated,
However you lit a light in me,
Oh how could you be so conceited?

You left me there,
It was the best move you ever made,
Because I am a thousand times stronger,
And no longer am I afraid.


Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett

Lindsay is a British actress currently living in Los Angeles. It was during her time at drama school in London back in 2007 when Lindsay got date raped. After six years of therapy, travelling the globe to get away from London, Lindsay settled in LA where she has been for the past five years. Now happily married with a furry baby of a dog, Lindsay has started her next journey into helping others. Lindsay joined forces this year with VDAY to help bring awareness of sexual and physical violence across the globe that is inflicted on women everyday. Lindsay produced and performed in The Vagina Monologues for the 2015 event and raised over $7,000 for Peace Over Violence, an organization that helps bring this awareness to larger audiences.



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