WYR Welcomes Blogger Heather Inanuale!

WYR Welcomes Blogger Heather Inanuale!


When I launched WYR six months ago I didn’t really know where it was going, but I knew it would grow into something special. I was right, and today I am absolutely thrilled to announce that another blogger has joined our little family!

Heather shared her story with the WYR Community a few months ago and like many of the people who submit their stories, we stayed in touch.

I was delighted when she shared her documentary on victim blaming with us and also wrote a guest post on what it was like to present the project to her class. We spoke a few times before the presentation and she was understandably nervous but knew how important it was to get the message out.

I was nervous about showing it in class. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to give myself the label of being a victim, or at least letting people see that label. I don’t want pity, or even sympathy. I want people to take action….We had an amazing discussion afterwards where they asked about resources and how my college deals with it. It was great to have an open forum where people realized that these things actually happen. I had one people in the class reach out to me, talking about their own experiences. That was rewarding, in a way, because I reached one person. That’s all I can ask.

Now Heather is forming a support group on her campus and doing all she can to reach out to other survivors – we’re happy she’s chosen WYR as a platform for her message.

I already know what Heather is working on next and can’t wait to read it – it’s a topic that I think will resonate with any of us, certainly me (stay tuned :)

On behalf of myself and Elizabeth, welcome Heather!


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Lauren Reid is the founder of When You're Ready.org, a three time survivor of rape who built this community to let other survivors of sexual violence know that they're not alone. When you're ready, I'll be here.



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