WYR welcomes blogger Elizabeth Halpin!

I’m excited to announce that When You’re Ready is no longer a one woman show – and to welcome Elizabeth Halpin as a blogger on whenyoureready.org!

Elizabeth shared her story “I Hope Everyone Can Heal From This” with the WYR Community on February 4, 2015. I clearly remember how I felt when I first read it – I was amazed by the strength and poise that she communicated, I was personally inspired by her and eagerly reached out to tell her so. Elizabeth’s response:

I have just finished rebuilding my life and do not want those 3 years I spent in hell to go to waste! Please Please Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

Serendipitously, Elizabeth happened to be in Toronto a couple of days later and we had the chance to meet over lunch. I was happy to be able able to tell her in person that her Story was viewed over 1,600 times in the first few days on the website – and reached almost 13,000 on Facebook! People from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Peru, Korea, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands had seen her story and undoubtedly felt inspired too. As of today, Elizabeth’s story has has the most page views of any WYR post with almost 2,000.

Elizabeth will be blogging about her own experience as a survivor of sexual assault and also collecting stories from around the web and posting them here. Stay tuned for more!​




Lauren Reid is the founder of When You're Ready.org, a three time survivor of rape who built this community to let other survivors of sexual violence know that they're not alone. When you're ready, I'll be here.



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