Wilson’s Story: Memories of a Square Girl

Wilson’s Story: Memories of a Square Girl

My name is Wilson Shantae and I am a Sex Trafficking Survivor. My journey started at the age of 14. My mother was addicted to heroin and sold me to the neighborhood drug dealer, who at that time was my biological brother.The tragic events I endured such as physical,verbal,emotional,and mental abuse continued for me to the age of 33. I am blessed to say out if all the pain and heartache my brother has caused me. I am gracious for my son I bear from him. I know reading this sound crazy however, without God blessing me with a child I will not have no will to live. At this moment of my life I am a college graduate with an Associate Degree in Human Services. A Spokes-Model for an organization called Voices for Dignity, who advocates and bring awareness for trafficking victims. My aspirations in life is to start a support group and a group home for the women survivors if the Sex Industry. To be honest I’ve been a survivor for three years now and it’s a challenge everyday to stay positive and focus. By telling my story to inspire others it’s what completes me. You are not alone and I wanted to let you know that I love you..



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