WYR Welcomes Katie!

WYR Welcomes Katie!

As the WYR project continues to evolve, our team continues to grow! I am delighted to introduce our newest blogger, Katie.

Katie reached out to me a couple of weeks after sharing her Story on the site. She said, “I chose to share my story with your project earlier this week I believe, and although it was hard, I felt a sense of pride being able to do so, even if I kept it anonymous…I sat down one night and wrote for three hours straight and this was the the finished product. I’m very proud of it, I’m a relatively creative person and it felt good to write something creative and meaningful and to see in on the page.”

Reading Katie’s story had an interesting effect on me. Sometimes a Story makes me visualize the survivor – as you can imagine this is often difficult and sometimes traumatic in itself. When I read Katie’s Story, I remember that I could picture a triumphant woman standing on a stage with music building in the background. Standing at a microphone, people were cheering.

We are happy to have Katie on our team and part of our community, and look forward to her blog posts. This survivor has a lot to say, and a strong voice.


You can read Katie’s Posts, including her Story: A Letter To The Men Who Assaulted Me Without Me Even Knowing It


When You’re Ready welcomes guest bloggers who would like to share their experiences related to sexual violence – not just their stories but their experiences in the healing journey. Please contact me via the “contact” form on the site and let me know you’ve got something to say!



Lauren Reid is the founder of When You're Ready.org, a three time survivor of rape who built this community to let other survivors of sexual violence know that they're not alone. When you're ready, I'll be here.



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