Victoria’s Story: He Probably Doesn’t Even Know My Name

Victoria’s Story: He Probably Doesn’t Even Know My Name

During my freshman year of college I got the chance to attend my dream school, the University of Miami but it wasn’t long until one single person ruined that for me. One night I decided to go to a fraternity party with my friends, this was something we always did. At frat parties, there are sometimes bars in which a frat boy will serve alcohol. I’ve drank from them before so I didn’t think anything of it. I went to the bar and got myself a drink, this was the last memory I have of that night. I woke up the following morning with my phone filled with unread messages, my clothes half off and half on, and a horrible pain near my lower body that I had never experienced before. I immediately knew what I was feeling, I had been raped. At this time I didn’t know where I was, I was no longer in the place where the party was held. I immediately called an Uber and went back to my dorm room. For the longest time I had a regret and blamed myself. I didn’t realize until now that I couldn’t have done anything differently besides for being more careful of what I drank. I realized it wasn’t my fault. This event caused me to leave my dream school and attend a new college since I was put into a dark hole for not telling anyone, one of my biggest regrets but something that has changed my life for the better. I now am okay with what happened to me and am willing to share with people around me. I want to show awareness to support girls who have been through the same thing and show them they are not alone.



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