Trans Boy’s Story: I Kept Going Back

Trans Boy’s Story: I Kept Going Back

I was introduced to rape when I was ten years old. It was on my way home from school, no one picked me up so I decided to walk home since it was only a mile or so away. I was followed by a group of guys who cut me off and hurt me, they took advantage of a young girl at the time. 6 years later when I was sixteen and had started my transition into a young man I began dating a boy who had been in my life since I was little. He was so sweet and nice to me, he was my first willing first time. We were together for a year until he started getting bad. When we were 17 he started getting abusive then that was the first time he forced himself on me. People say he didn’t rape me because he was my boyfriend. I didnt want it though! I wasnt in the mood, I told him no. We broke up a month later. At school he would grab my butt, he would say things into my ear to get to me, one time he slammed me into the bathroom wall and punched me in the face. I went back a couple months later. We were fine until he forced himself on me again this happened 3 more times before I told the police. He was taken into custody but released the NEXT day because his parents were so well connected with the city. Him and I ignored each other for three months until he came back saying he changed. We were together for 4 months, everything was perfect until he pushed me and busted me in the face with his fist. His promise ring slashing open my eyebrow. We broke up and now we havent talked since, he has a girlfriend who I am a good friend with and I plan on sharing my story with her for her safety.



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