Anonymous Story: the biblical wife?

Anonymous Story: the biblical wife?

Few days after my marriage to [SVS], a supposedly Christian woman from JCNM Telugu Church pastored by [SK]; she was asking for 10,000 USD to pay off debts. I came to know my wife was flirting with my friend. I have audio messages to verify. The theme of their conversation is to use me to come to America, and then run away together.

While in India she would rape me with her mother, stepmothers, and brothers sleeping on the side of the wooden door. I would tell her no, but she would insist. I was confused and shocked. I thought she was a sensible woman who could control herself. She would do this many nights and If I resisted she called me gay.

One night her brother, her, and I were sharing a bed. She started touching me wanting to have sex on the bed with her brother next time. I was shocked and told her no. She kept trying but I held firm. She then asked me to kick her brother out which I did not. She somehow fell asleep. However, I was angry at her behavior. The next day she accused me of being gay.

when I left to go to America, she was flirting with her best friend’s husband. When she finally came to the states she would force me to have sex with her. I would tell her I am not well or now is not the right time. She would ignore my plea and play with my penis. I would many times tell her to stop but she would then come on top of me. I would tell her to get off and to keep me quiet she would cover my mouth with her hand to keep me from talking.

If I did not have sex with her she would call me gay, or say that I don’t love her. She told me many times that at night she rules me. I was afraid of her; I would keep myself separate from her. Many times she told me she felt like putting a pole in her vagina. I was helpless and this rape occurred for about 3 months during the time we lived together.

I never saw her naked as she would close my eyes as she was on top. I never undressed her as she would always undress me. I never was in control as she was in control. She would insist when I would resist.

When I had out of state job opportunities she refused to move to another state, costing me too loose two jobs. After one argument she left the house. I told her lets go to India or to Florida for some time. She refused and asked for money and a house. She later lived with a man who supposedly shelters, shattered and abused women supported by a church which I was raised in. He informed me that he is also a psychologist and or therapist. I also later learned she had backup men near Pennsylvania. I divorced her, as suggested by a lawyer. She asked for$ 9,000 dollars in order to sign the divorce papers. Two years later, she married another man. She continued to contact my relatives breaching the divorce terms. She has physically, emotionally, and financially abused me. She has destroyed our home and the homes of few others, a true homewrecker and poster board image of immigration marriage fraud.

Currently, I am trying my best to have my story shared and heard. I wish that the world knows what an abuser she is and what a criminal she is when it comes to immigration. I have nothing to fear or loos. She took it all when I was raped!



Lauren Reid is the founder of When You're, a three time survivor of rape who built this community to let other survivors of sexual violence know that they're not alone. When you're ready, I'll be here.



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