Tara’s Story: How Wrong You Were

Tara’s Story: How Wrong You Were

I was seeing a man at the time, he was in his early 30’s and I wasn’t sure if I was completely attracted to him. He was more of a “lets get drinks tonight” fling and nothing more. He worked at a bar and one night I took my college friend out to his work and we munched on delicious mac and cheese. We shared many laughs, and quickly after sipping a bit of red wine, I had to use the restroom. When I was done and washed my hands, the guy who I was seeing, barged in completely to my surprise, and pushed me against the sink, and took a part of me that I can never have back. He didn’t take my virginity, but he still took a part of something pure within. After saying stop, and no multiple times, he got the results he came in for, and left very fast. I ended up sitting back on the toilet, crying and wondering why in that moment I felt frozen, unable to turn around and slap the hell out of him. I’ll always wonder why. Recently, I told my loved ones what happened, because all of this has been suppressed for a long time, and I had a dream about it, as of recent, and it is my sign to tell my story.



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