Tammie’s Story: It Took Over 9 Years to Report Him

Tammie’s Story: It Took Over 9 Years to Report Him

Online catfish. Online predator. He catfished me under many names, accounts, numbers, etc until I finally confronted him and attempted to report him. My karma is I shouldn’t have been there. His karma is exposure. I’ve managed to spread my truth far and wide without any help. I am not perfect but I’m no criminal like this catfish. I have no motive to come forward with this horrific story of corruption other than justice for everyone involved in targeting me, drugging me, raping me, and assaulting me. I will not change my truth for “fb internal affairs” and victim blaming doesn’t change work either. Nothing will change the fact he drugged me, raped me by punching me in my Vagina several times, then tried repeatedly to break my arm. I’ve learned from that near fatal mistake and healed from it. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten and I wont be silenced ever again. If he had just drugged me, raped me, then disappeared, I would’ve never found so many different names he used with so many women and potential victims.
I hope everyone is surviving and thriving! I am!Justice got served!
Peace and Love, Tammie



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