Anonymous Story: Minimal Traumas

Anonymous Story: Minimal Traumas

Minimal Traumas Imagine if you will, your a four-year-old female child in a bedroom with your 17-year-old brother. He makes you laugh plays with you rolls you up in blankets and shares his cookies with you. He takes you into

Anonymous Story: I’m a little girl in Pakistan

Anonymous Story: I’m a little girl in Pakistan

I’m a little girl in Pakistan. My story begins when I was just 6 or 7 years old.My abuser never penetrated me but he did enough to change my life forever. I was 6 or 7. He used to take

Anonymous Story: The Teacher Who Saved My Life

Anonymous Story: The Teacher Who Saved My Life

I let it go on for so many years, and then I hit my breaking point. This happened when I was 16, after enduring severe abuse from my father for over a decade. I spent all that time scared, confused,

R’s Story

R’s Story

It was 14 years ago. I was 18. It was three weeks before college. My parents went out of town. I invited a few friends over. One of them was “J,” a 21 year old coworker and longtime friend. I

Tina’s Story

Tina’s Story

I was 22 and went out with my friends for dinner and we left around Half 10pm I was dragged and he used chloroform to knock me out and I was raped. I was found in an ally way in

Anonymous Story: Love, abuse and a sweeter man

Anonymous Story: Love, abuse and a sweeter man

I find talking about [G] difficult now, as if I’m sharing the stories of a character in a book- an antagonist, a despot, a stranger who I knew so intimately for so long, but never really knew at all. A

Anonymous Story: Worst night of my life

Anonymous Story: Worst night of my life

I was only 15-16 and he was 18-19 (I can’t remember the exact age). We were sort of neighborhood friends, but not really. I never knew him personally. I just knew him because one of my friends had dated him

Zi’s Story: my childhood

Zi’s Story: my childhood

I tell people I trust that I was molested which in my mind, seems far from the truth. Maybe if I was only molested, I wouldn’t have as many problems as I do now. I wasn’t just molested – I

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I remember feeling powerless & confused. I remember time feeling as if it was creeping by, even though it was a 10 minute ride. I remember freezing up, as I was confused about what he was doing. I remember wanting

Kiara’s Story: Used and Confused

I was 17 years old, it was August 2016. It was the summer going into my senior year. It had been crazy summer but a great one none the less. I was staying with my best-friend (let’s call her G)

Amy’s Story: The PAST and the Present

I am a girl who loves to travel but there are some trips I wish I could forget.the year was 2016 I was 16 at the time. I was on my second trip to Colombia when it happened.i went to

Madelyn’s Story: This Wasn’t What I Asked For

I have carried the weight of my childhood traumas for twenty years too long. I have grown numb to the trauma from my adulthood and allowed it to make it’s home every nook and cranny that it could. There are

Anonymous Story: Our Little Secret

It started when I was four. It was my great-grandfather. We went to their house almost every holiday and birthday, and every time he preyed on me sexually. He asked me to sit on his lap. Said he was, “An

Cassie’s Story: I Am All of These Things Always

LINGERING What breaks me is the fact that I know. I know everything that happened. Every last detail. I replay every detail every day in every moment. Everything reminds me of what happened, everything reminds me of him. What kills

Sophie’s Story: WHO I AM

This is a story of not only sexual abuse, but emotional and verbal abuse as well. He was my first boyfriend. I was a freshman, and a junior wanted to date me. I felt so lucky that an older guy

Anonymous Story: Black Hole

This is hard. Part of me is desperately trying to explain what happened to anyone who would listen, but another part of me, one that has been in control for much longer, refuses to relinquish control and trust any one

Jurity’s Story: He Was My Dad

I was about nine or ten, It all started after i got my first period. It began with him showing me porn and having me touch him. He said that he was showing me things that I needed to learn

Hannah’s Story: My Grandmother Refuses to Cut Ties With the Family Member Who Sexually Assaulted Me

When I was 13 years old, my 15 year old cousin molested me over the course of several days during summer break. Out of fear of not being taken seriously or splitting up my family, I decided not tell anyone

Anonymous Story: My Past

Hi, Ok this is tough actually still have nightmares to this day. Because of all the emotional sexual physical abuse from my ex husband who i married at 16.. I Was a child he would buy me and my friends

Molly’s Story: He Said He Had a Reputation to Uphold

A few years back I was excited to see one of my favorite bands live. After the show I was talking to some like minded folk about music and such as I don’t have much in common with people where

Blue’s Story

The first time it happened I was 5 and she was 10,before I started school. I was eager to learn new things,so when my sister said she would teach me something new I jumped at the idea and closed our

Anonymous Story: I Can’t Swim Again

When I was about 9 years old, I was always at my grandmas house. She lived with my aunt, uncle, and my 3 cousins. The latest of the 3 was named Austin. He was my favorite because we always hung

Anonymous Story: I Still Think About It Everyday

1.) I was drunk, he was not. I was a virgin and he was not. I said no and he said yes. 2.)The next morning I took two showers and cried. 3.) I made rules to stop thinking about it:

Bug’s Story: I Wanted to Ask Him How He Was

I shoved him off of my bed and was met with condescension. “Are you trying to show me that you’re strong?” I kept moving his hand away, and was met with a reply, The beginning of cognitive dissonance, “I won’t

Anonymous Story: The Life I Live

How can I love someone so much that I allow them to hit me?? How can I even convince myself that they love me? Why do I believe the good times?? Why do I believe that it’s not going to

Bethany’s Story: He Loves Me, So It Can’t Be Rape

I really do apologize, because my story is going to come off as an interpersonal violence story. I don’t feel like my story belongs on either platform, but I am most comfortable sharing here. When I was 17 I started

Anonymous Story: For Once the White Male is Suppressed

I was five years old when it happened, and my cousin (which was 8 at the time) raped me. Nobody believes children can rape other children, especially when your a boy. I was told things like ” oh she was

Anonymous Story: Her Arms

Poem: Just pick her up and hold her In both of your arms Nobody holds her Left with a stuffed bear in her arms Bruises trace her pale skin and frail bones The sun comes and it goes Nobody holds

Ingrid’s Story: I Still Haven’t Processed It

I am 15 at the time of writing this. I knew a guy named D since kindergarten and we used to be best friends when we were younger. He always made fun of me and hit me so we eventually

My Story: He Thought Because We Were Dating That What He Did Was Okay

He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, someone I believed I could trust. I was only 15. He was 16, it was summertime and we were at his house, kissing I was wearing loose shorts since I was told

Anonymous Story: What Happened to Me?

So… I was in a relationship right out of high school with a woman (We’ll call her Kate and by the way, I’m a woman, as well). She cheated on me and things ended badly with me immediately picking up

Anonymous Story: I Was 12 and a Very Normal Little Girl

I keep coming here telling myself I will say something but each time I start writing I end up stopping midway and just forgetting about it. I will NOT do that this time! ​ Summer of 2010, I was a


No one talks about the immediate damage, the hurry to change your sheets and remove anything that even slightly reminds you of him from the premises. I was this day old when I was assaulted in my own bed, it

Anonymous Story: I Was Only 15

He had asked me out twice before and I had refused. I knew him, we had had sex before so I thought that this time was fine, that it had just been a bit too forceful; a misunderstanding. Time passed

Cassidy’s Story: More Than Once

Cassidy’s Story: More Than Once

It started when I was 4 years old, too young to know much about the world. He was 12. He was someone I looked up to, someone I loved and thought could never do me wrong. He was my older

Anonymous Story: That Dreadful Night

Anonymous Story: That Dreadful Night

I was 21 and i got sexually assulted i feel like i should have have known but it happened this year and i am very hurt its hard to trust people and the pain that doesn’t go away this guy

Marcella’s Story

Marcella’s Story

I can’t write this well as since a baby my mind has been in a protective fog and heart fractured into a million shards, like so many others who have survived violence. As a baby I wouldn’t let people hold

Anonymous Story: Assaulted By Two Family Members

Anonymous Story: Assaulted By Two Family Members

I remember living in Kansas City,MO. I was just an 8 year old girl with no issues happy as can be. Nice house nice family.( so I thought.) My brother sister and I were all adopted at a very young

Laiba story: The 14 year Old Sexual Abuse Survivor Story

Laiba story: The 14 year Old Sexual Abuse Survivor Story

For me writing this is getting justice because in the society we live getting this justice is as impossible as breathing without air. My name is Laiba just Laiba. My surname does not define me in any shape or form

Sofia’s story: Ghost in my head

Sofia’s story: Ghost in my head

It started when I was 13. I was like most 13 year olds; naive and insecure. I met him through a chat app. We really hit it off. Then one day he said he was in love with me. I