Anonymous Story: A Strong Woman!

Anonymous Story: A Strong Woman!

I just wanted and needed to tell you a story if I hadn’t told you already, please feel free to talk about the shame, the hurt, the life changing experience I endured. Did I ever tell you the story about the 3 year old little girl who was molested almost every night at the hands of her older sister to the point of being able to still smell her body on the little girls body even to this day, which now the lil girl is 44 she lived with this secret pretty much all of her life because as a child she thought as a child to the point of thinking this behavior was normal because not only did her older sister hurt her, it seemed as if the lil girl was a target for so many others , from her female cuz. Next door to the brother of the female cuz next door to several other male cuz. Next door. when the lil girl mother would leave her to stay at her grandmother house, while the lil girl mom went to work or to run errands, the lil girl grandma would send the lil girl to her son room which was the lil girl uncle, the uncle would give the lil girl money and candy and he would have the lil girl touch his body in unthinkable places and a lot of times he would force her to kiss him while laying his heavy body on the lil girl, the lil girl could smell alcohol all over his breathe, as he forced his body on the lil girl , he reminded the lil girl if she ever told , her parents whom she loved dearly would send her away. the lil girl didn’t want her parents to send her away so she never told. The lil girl was molested, raped, humiliated almost everyday and every night until she was around 10 or 12. the lil girl lived in fear and shame all her life and even to this day she is still trying to cope at 44 . the lil girl that grew up to be a lady always kept her secrets so that she wouldn’t shame her family or her abusers, but because she SUFFERED FROM PTSD, DEPRESSION, an panic disorder and several other things , she had content flashbacks not only from her childhood abusers , but at the age of 20 she ran in a man whom she married also became a verbal , and physical abuser to the point of making her self esteem so low she always seem to fail at any and everything. Life had been rough for this lil girl and she tired to kill herself over and over thru the years, but she finally realize that she wasn’t going anywhere until God was ready to take her home. finally after all these terrible years of life . through support from her husband and kids , she finally confronted her abuser the day after Christmas 2016 . Her abuser Denied that this abuse ever took place , for some reason her abuser has lost her memory, not only did the little girl come
forward but the abuser son came forward as we’ll and said that him and his mother the abuser , which is the little girl sister was his lover and she was his first lover and his everything. Once the lil girl confronted her abuser . she finally realized that she wasn’t a lil girl anymore, but has become one of the strongest lady’s I know. The lil girl /GROWN WOMAN FAMILY INCLUDING HER OWN SISTERS AND NIECES EVERYONE FLIPPED ON THE GROWN WOMAN SO NONE OF THEM HAVE HAD CONTACT STILL TO THIS DAY FROM DECEMBER 2016. THROUGH COUNSELING , MEDICATION, AND STRONG SUPPORT FROM HER FAMILY SHE WILL BE JUST FINE. YOU SEE THAT GROWN WOMAN IS ME AND I AM FINALLY AT PEACE , IT HASNT GONE AWAY, BUT I AM NOT ASHAMED ANYMORE!!! A STRONG WOMAN!



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