Snezhana’s Story : Massive public humiliation, sexual harassment and abuse of power

Snezhana’s Story : Massive public humiliation, sexual harassment and abuse of power

My story included a case of public humiliation, abuse and sexual harassment in Slovenia, by sexual predators and psychopaths.

The harassment included massive abuse of past e-mail correspondence with a former Secretary of State of the Ministry of Finance, whom I met in one of my Masters classes. The attacker abused private e-mail correspondence in a framed rape scandal, which was intentionally sent in all banks and financial institutions. The rape was an invention of the aggressor, as the last instance of correspondence occurred in January 2013 with an SMS invitation for coffee which I turned down, while the scandal was initiated in September 2013.

The reason for the violence was cocaine abuse on behalf of the said aggressor, who was a hallucinating, delusional, sadistic and pathological clinical psychopath. However, the more disturbing part of the story was that this incident occurred after I sent a part time job application through a student organisation in a company which unjustifiably forwarded the application to the attacker. The company, called Franadria, was run by a businessman and a professor from the Faculty of Economics, who misinterpreted a recommendation letter of a Macedonian pension fund, by attributing it sexual context, thus exhibiting sexual harassment, racial discrimination and violence.

The unfortunate event spread like wild fire in all Slovenian banks, financial institutions and the general public in Slovenia and Macedonia, given the interconnected business networks. It resulted in strangers interpreting the correspondence, through their biases, such as a terrorist, porn star or homeless beggar, which even ignited a criminal investigation.

The public humiliation prevented me from obtaining employment, included several instances of interview humiliation, workplace discrimination and bullying in the companies which knew about the scandal. Tragicommically, the millions of people involved in it, were convinced that I am not aware and continued the violence. Even my thesis mentor humiliated me through e-mail, after she received the chain, violently forwarded by the aggressor, who had previously met me in a supermarket. She believed that I don’t know and took no action regarding the violence, hence distorting the entire relationship and preventing me to graduate timely.

In addition to harassment in Slovenia, I also experienced violations of human rights, caused by unrelated Macedonian ambassadors, who were promoting their political careers. I suspect that one Macedonian Ambassador of Austria had issued or collaborated in my wrongful entry ban for the European Union or had placed me on the black list, as is done with hostile criminals.

The entire unfortunate event was very painful, traumatic, disturbing and embarrassing, and prevented me to pursue my career, particularly because I was a perfect-morale, respected and reputable, best-in-class International Masters student, with an international background from a private school, where I obtained the International Baccalaureate. It was even more so, because the professors at the Faculty, where my sister is working as a Macroeconomics Teaching Assistant did nothing to prevent the violence, due to their racial prejudice and discrimination of former Yugoslav nationalities.

During this entire period, I observed pure evil, racial and gender based discrimination, double standards, sexual harassment, ignorance and serious lack of perception and judgment, especially inability to properly condemn violence, bullying and hatred.

Fortunately, other than psychological consequences, I survived and healed from the severe harassment, without contacts to the said people. I was able to overcome this tragic circumstances, as I understood the intrinsic biases causing and leading to the violence.

I am sharing this story, in order to raise awareness about harassment, violence against women, racial and gender based discrimination, and the dangerous threats of sexual predators and psychopaths. Most importantly, I sincerely hope that stories like this would lead to empowerment of other women, resulting in timely reporting and prevention of unnecessary suffering, respect for human rights, decency and justice.



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