Sheila’s Story: Dinner DATE

Sheila’s Story: Dinner DATE

After I got divorced in 1990 I drank real heavily, and hung out in bars, looking for love in all the wrong places. One guy who I had chatted with a few times, invited me over for “dinner”. He was staying at a house that wasn’t his, and it was pretty nice, with a pool, etc. I arrived on my motorcycle and brought a nice salad. He gave me a beer, we talked for a while, and then got into the pool. He raped me the first time in the pool, he was very strong and I could get away. I was protesting, and he was hurting me. He started bragging about being a Navy Seal and knowing many unusual ways to kill people. I managed to get out of the pool and went into the bathroom and locked the door. I got in the shower. It became obvious to me that he had put something in my drink because I could barely stand up, and it wasn’t just the beer. Somehow he got into the bathroom, and into the shower with me and raped me again. I was crying the whole time and begging him to stop. Once that was over I got my clothes on and stumbled to the couch and curled up. I could barely walk or stand and the room was spinning. No way could I ride my motorcycle. Two Basset Hounds lived in the house, and they looked at me with their sad eyes. As soon as the drug wore off enough for me to be able to ride, I got out of there. He must have gone to sleep.

He tried to return my salad bowl a few days later and I didn’t open my locked screen door. He told me he had a GREAT TIME on our “date” and wanted to go out with me again. I told him to throw the salad bowl away and stay away from me and if he ever came near me again I would call the police!

And I never went back to that bar.



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