My name is Lauren Reid. I’m the founder of the When You’re Ready Project and administrator of this site. I’m a rape survivor. I carried my secret for 15 years and have an acute appreciation for the importance of giving you control of your Story. I also understand that over time, you may change your mind and you have every right to do so. That’s why I’ve decided to approach this differently than I would a typical Privacy Notice for business, and have a conversation with you about how I will protect your data.

In a nutshell: your privacy is the single most important priority to me, and to the When You’re Ready Project. Your Story is yours – you are in control of your information.

What do I mean by “Privacy”?

I mean your ability to control how your information is used: who sees what, for how long, and when it is deleted/removed. I promise you will have control, always.

Depending on where you reside, you may have a legal right to privacy. I’m currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so that is technically the “headquarters” of the When You’re Ready Project. Canada is highly respected globally for its privacy legislation and the approach its regulators take to protecting the rights of individuals.

However: technically, at this point, this is a blog. I’m an individual (the WYR Project is not incorporated) and because I’m not carrying out “commercial activity” this site isn’t subject to privacy laws. Even though the law doesn’t apply to the site, it is still designed in compliance with the law. But it doesn’t stop there: not only will you be granted the rights in Canadian law, your privacy will be put first, above all else.

What do I mean by “your information”?

Personal Information (“PI”) is defined as information about an identifiable individual. It sounds simple, but it is actually a complicated concept: for example, your name is PI in some cases, but not others. I could write a book about the nuances of defining PI – but for this purpose we can keep it simple.

As far as When You’re Ready is concerned, any information about you is PI. It may be your initials, your name, or even the details of your Story. If you submit a Story that is anonymous, that is still your Story and I will protect it, I consider any form of expression to be your PI: including artwork and photography (even if it is not of you), as long as you created it.

There are a few ways your PI might end up with me, or with the WYR Project – here are the ways and an explanation of what happens after it is collected:

  • You can submit your Story via the form on this site or via email.
    When you use the form, it generates an email to the WYR team members, and a draft on the site. We review it, and post the Story on That will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter (unless you ask us not to in advance).
  • You may send an email or social media message.
    Many people reach out to us across various mediums for a number of reasons: some even send their Stories but don’t want them published. I use advanced security measures such as two factor authentication where available.If you send a message via facebook or twitter, it can be accessed by any WYR Administrator (listed under “About the WYR Project”). These are all people I know and trust, they blog on WYR and post on our social media account. They are fellow survivors who have shared their stories here, and respect your privacy as much as I do.
  • Someone else may have submitted your information via any of the methods above.
    All Stories are reviewed prior to posting to ensure that no PI is included for anyone other than the person submitting – this includes details about the rapist/attacker, or even others in the story such as friends or family members. Given the nature of the content and of human relationships, sometimes readers will be able to deduce identities (for example, my own story mentions my mother but not her name or any other details. If you know me, you might know who my mother is). Please contact me immediately if you have concerns that you can be identified and we can work together to find a solution that respects all parties.
  • I may have found your information on a public facing website and reference it here (for example, in blog posts talking about a news article).
    It doesn’t matter to me – I will still honour the commitments below.
  • You or someone else may submit information via comments on this site or social media sites.
    Comments automatically appear publicly. There’s nothing I can do about other sites, but where I can moderate comments (including here and on the WYR Facebook page), I will.

No matter how I received your PI, I will protect it and honour your wishes for how it is used.

Where is your information? is hosted in the cloud, through a reputable provider. The site is built using Word Press and employs some plug ins that provide features such as forms and site statistics (I track the number of visitors and page views, but I don’t collect your IP address or any other way to find you individually). I built the site and maintain it, and take care to ensure that the features don’t put your data at additional risk or in the hands of third parties. Where available, I enable advanced security features such as two factor authentication. I use strong passwords for all accounts and devices.

My Commitments to You

Your privacy is the top priority for me and for When You’re Ready, and it always will be. As the site and the project grow, the ‘who’, ‘how’, and ‘where’ may change but the commitments below will not. That’s my promise to you.

I’ll tell you exactly what I’m going to do with your information before I do it.

The Story submission form on this site contains guidance on how each data element will be used – for example, it asks for your name and explains how it will appear in the published Story. All fields are optional, and always will be. I believe that you should only share as much as you’re comfortable.

I will not share your information unless you clearly and explicitly ask me to.

If you send your information and it is not perfectly clear to me whether you’re comfortable sharing it, I will not share it. I’ll always do my best to clarify, but if you don’t provide an email address I can’t ask, and therefore will assume you don’t want to share it. By “share” I mean post it on the site, or sometimes reference it verbally.

When you submit your Story, it goes to me and the WYR team. With the volume of Stories coming in, it takes several of us to keep up. We both respect your privacy and will meet the commitments described here.

You can request changes to your Story or that it be removed – AT ANY TIME, FOREVER

Just send an email (or a request via the contact form) and we will do it as soon as possible. Your privacy is the #1 priority and we will act as quickly as possible.

It is important to understand that when your Story is posted on the site it is open to the public. There is no way for me to stop others from re-publishing your details, for example on their own blogs or by sharing it on their own social media. As long as I have the ability to control how your data is used, I will do so consistent with your wishes.

The communication lines are open.

In the unlikely event that your information is compromised (breached), I will notify you immediately with all the details of what happened and how (assuming I have your contact information). If you have a question, concern or complaint, please don’t hesitate to email me at or submit it via the contact form on the site. I’ll personally see to it that you get a response.


This privacy notice was updated on 5 June 2017.


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