It was my uncle. I was 16 years old, a baby, so naïve I just got my license . I was giddy to drive my
uncle to the auto shop to pick up his car, his windows were being tinted. We listened to
beyonce and I thought it was going to be a normal day, until it wasn’t. He made a few comments
about what I was wearing, he started joking around about if I kept it shaved down there or not,
I was totally uncomfortable at this point so I just turned up the music and laughed him off. We
were on a long road with NOTHING on it basically grass and cows. He told me to pull over and
that he saw smoke coming from the hood of my car. Trusting my uncle I quickly pulled over.
I put the car in park, and expected him to get out and check under the hood, he unbuckled me
and shoved me to the back seat. I remember feeling a knot in my stomach knowing what
could happen. He quickly got out of the car and got in my back seat, I don’t remember why
but all my seats were laid down. He said, “oh you must have lots of sex back here its such a
big space” Disgusted I stayed quiet not knowing what to do. He started undressing me and
shoved me down, at this point all I remember was me yelling and crying stop it, he would then
put his hand over my mouth and scream at me “shut the fuck up little whore”. When he finished
he drove about 2 minuets down the road to the auto shop, and told me “if I tell anyone what
happened I would pay for it.”. as he got out I went back into the front seat and drove into the
McDonalds parking lot feeling completely numb and cried for hours.



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