Sarah’s story: Do you really think you did nothing wrong?

Sarah’s story: Do you really think you did nothing wrong?

This is a list of all the shit you put me through.
•You made me jump through hoops to be with you.
•Told me you loved me in the night and then said you were joking in the morning.
•Convinced me your respect was more important than love.
•When I got upset you sat there and said “what, you have complaints? People get treated a lot worse than you”
•or the multiple times you tried to convince me I had Bipolar when I cried.
•That time you were touching me in my sleep, we had sex and then the next morning you tried to convince me I had raped you in your sleep?
•That time we had an argument and you told my father I was suicidal whilst he was on his way to see his dying mother in the hospital.
•Making people believe I was crazy.
•Discribing how hot other girls were whilst I was standing right next to you.
•Telling people we weren’t together? For a year?!
•Lying to me about your past.
•Talking in your first Language when I was around (me being the only one who didn’t speak Greek)
•Grinding my confidence down until I was dust and kept running back to you.
•Telling me no one would ever treat me as good as you did.
•Only having sex when YOU wanted to and not letting me orgasm. I was your toy wasn’t I. That’s all I was there for right?
•And after we broke up. Threatening me not to tell your next girlfriend what you did to me.
…I know if you read this, you’d just laugh and call me crazy. And the worst thing was I think you knew I was weak. It’s fine though because I am much stronger now. You did all that to me, and probably more that I’ve blanked out, after I told you I was molested as a child. I can’t believe that was 5 years ago. You’re the only person I can honestly say i Hate. I hope you never find happiness. But I hope you get what you deserve.



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