Sarah’s Story : A Night to Remember…

Sarah’s Story : A Night to Remember…

Summer 2006, I was around 9 years old ,me and my family were all in vacation at our lake house in one of my parents country. We were having a great time, I was having a great time until one night, one member of my family ( not blood related ) around the 50’s at the time asked me to come sleep with him, we really had a good relationship ( a pure ) , to me it wasn’t weird to go sleep next time because at that time I was so innocent and young I would have never thought he would do something like that… As I was laying on the bed, he slept close to me and he started touching my boobs, my back, my ass and even kissing me on the lips… Then, I just left the bed and went straight to the washrooms, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what just happened ! I never said anything about that night to anybody, until one day I told my mom… then I realized the impact of that night, it was a sexual assault and that person was drunk, I was just too young to know that at the time. He didn’t rape me but he made me loose my purety, he had no right to touch me where he did, with or without the alcohol.



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