Sabah*’s Story: The Day Her Childhood Ended

Sabah*’s Story: The Day Her Childhood Ended

While writing this my hands are trembling . As I know I am about to relive the worst day of my life . Well it didnot end there and continued for some years . Let me give you a little background of my family . I live with my parents and siblings in somewhere in the beautiful country of Pakkstan . My parents were about 22 and 27 when they married (belonging to a highly educated family). Both of them were young and didnot know how to run a household as a result they faced a lot . But because we were well off we had a family of servants as most upper and upper middleclass families did . Servants come and go but there is one I will never forget ‘my abusers family ‘ . Even though he never vaginally raped me he tried to a lot of times . When i questioned him what we are doing he replied that it was ‘gande kaam ‘ bad work . It all started when I was 3 . I do have a blurred memory from that time but was too young to know exactly what was happening. The first time I remember was that my parents went out to get some food for lunch and left me at home as the restraunt was just minutes away from the house. Taking advantage he tried to be sexual with me . Just when he was about to unzip his pants his mother called him . He said that we were playing . Right now a shiver went down my spine as i listened to him saying how he would mercilessly kill me my mother or otherwise if i told anyone my parents would get divorced . Finally when he left my then youngest brother was 2 or 3 . After him I have been blessed with a sister who I love dearly , I sometimes want to tell her that even though my childhood ended at the age of 3 I will always protect you. Now Im just getting on with life , but have big dreams to protect every child in Pakistan against sexual voilence .



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