Anonymous Story: You Ruined the Best Part of my Life

Anonymous Story: You Ruined the Best Part of my Life

I was 13 years old at a family reunion back in 2014 and I was so young Free spirited and happy but he took that away from me.I remembered that the entire family was there and we were all having a nice time I really enjoyed myself I was with my younger cousins that were my age and the older ones were on phone and chatting with each other and stuff then I went outside at the back yard to throw away some garbages my aunt sent me to do then I turned around and saw the two of them in the car they were laughing and having a nice time together their car light was on inside and they then saw me I never really interact with my older cousin because I thought they were up there, they looked at each other in a serious way and then m called me he was a college student and b was a high school student I went to them and m was like “you like my car?, you look lonely actually me and b are going to have a ride around the block wanna join us?” And I was excited because they actually offer me a ride and talk to me so I went… They were chatting with me even more like about myself, school and stuff they were very nice but then I realized I was somewhere else far from home and i began to panicked and ask them to take me home and they were like don’t worry it’s going to be okay. I was shaking and breathing heavily and I can remember that m was dragging my out of the car to this lake house that college student uses to party my feet were digging in the sand and I was screaming then he punched me in the stomach and lift me on his shoulder I was being thrown on a bed and they were talking about something that I couldn’t clearly make out then m came on top of me while b was holding my arms and m was talking off my underwear under my dress I couldn’t do anything he was forcing himself and I was in so much pain I whole world wasn’t the same anymore I thought I was going to die I was powerless and exposed b was muffling me and m was in me it was painful I never thought that this would happened to me and he wouldn’t stop I felt the most terrible way in the world he kept ignoring my pleas and I had to bear the pain and soon I passed out, i had panic attack, depression and mostly i was traumatized that part of my life is damaged.



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