Richard Matheson’s Story: Groomed by older man

Richard Matheson’s Story: Groomed by older man

I was 16 yo at the time I ran away from home due to family circumstances,I went to live on a small island which I fell in love with and soon I was sharing a house with a couple of friends and started evening work at a crab processing plant which I enjoyed.i got my first pay on the Friday and I headed home for a shower before taking my flat mates out for a drink round some local bars.we were playing pool later on and we were all bit drunk and I noticed an older man looking at friends left before me and I was playing pool with a few other people before they left too and I went to get another drink at the bar when the man that was looking at me earlier asked what I was drinking and bought me a drink so I sat and chatted with him and he bought some more drinks and we chatted some more and I probably told him too much about my personal life telling him I ran away months previous and was living in a shared house with couple of lads who were on the boats so I was there myself a lot of the time and he offered me back to his place for few drinks and he was a musician and wanted to show me his music studio,so as last orders at the bar came we headed off to his place quite merrily and he lived a bit away from the other houses and we got to his door and and he led me inside and down some stairs to a sitting room so I sat down and he walked over to the television and put on a porn video and asked if I was ok with it and I said yes so he left me there while he went to fix us a I sat there watching his TV he came in and sat next to me and handed me a glass of gin which I soon gulped down then he started talking about sex and by this time I was real drunk and that’s when it all changed as he pinned me down on the sofa and started kissing me,I remember I couldn’t get the strength to push him off and didn’t realise that he was heavily into martial arts and knew how to hold me down and I just lay there as he pulled my trousers down and started to perform oral sex on me still holding my wrists I ended up completely naked as he started putting Vaseline on my bum and poking his finger inside then he pulled me off the seat and turned me round and I can remember he held my head down and raped me until he came inside me and he kept telling me I was a dirty slut then he forced me into his bedroom where we spent the next 2 days and then I woke up and I was lying alone so I quickly got changed and headed for the door when he came round the corner and asked where I was going then he grabbed me again and pushed me into the bedroom and had sex with me before I could leave then he let me go and I felt so ashamed with myself heading home to an empty house I went for a shower to wash myself clean and I could see the bruises on my arms and legs where he held me tight and I kept this to myself for many years I just couldn’t talk about it and I left the island for good and will probably never return there again




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