ReeRee’s Story: Brother Raped me at 7 years old everyday for 4 years. I’m now 21. And need advice.

ReeRee’s Story: Brother Raped me at 7 years old everyday for 4 years. I’m now 21. And need advice.

I’m a female – I was raped by my brother from 7 years old everyday until 11 years old ( in the bum / ass – very very very painful) my brother was 8 years older than me. Now I live alone at 21 with no family and friends. My family didn’t believe me & betrayed me. And now I have no friends because I’ve been betrayed by them too & my PTSD has destroyed me & my confidence & self worth. I also got raped by my cousin and by 8 different people at the age of 13-14. So 10 in total 🙁 Multiple times :(

I can’t go out there and work. I’m not mentally stable enough. I don’t even have any support from my Familly – whether it’s mentally, physically or financially. I’ve got no interview clothes, I can’t even afford new clothes, my washing machine has broken, I eat in a frying pan because I can’t afford plates & ive got one fork and no spoons and knifes, one bed sheet and cover.

I’ve just lost myself. I’ve got no shoulder to cry on, I have nobody and having no family and friends at 21 years old is so unusual. I’ve also endured a home robbery but luckily I was sleeping but it’s so nerve wracking. I’ve been a victim in a terrorist attack at London Bridge (luckily I didn’t know what was happening at the time until I saw it on the news when I safely got back home) – but the main issues still effecting me now is what my brother done to me and me not having my family and friends & being raped by 10 different people, multiple times so that’s over a 1000 times as my brother done it to me every day for 4 years until I was 11 years old.

I’m alone and struggling with PTSD & I’m not stable enough nor mentally stable to work. Do you think my work coach at the Job centre will understand my unfortunate circumstances and allow me to not apply for jobs and realise how vulnerable I am? I’m hoping to apply for a type of income for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I only recover £250 a month from the job centre and life is already so hard – I can’t go out there and work after what I’ve been through.



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