Paige’s Story: Change needs to happen.

Paige’s Story: Change needs to happen.

I said no more than once, I was crying, he ripped my underwear off. I even sat up at one point to try and get up and he pushed me back down again.

After the attack I started to walk off, he said to me what’s wrong? I replied saying I said no, his come back to this was “sometimes no means yes when it comes to women”.

I reported it, it went to court, he was found not guilty.

I also at the time was a photography student, I captured the aftermath of rape and turned this negative thing that happened to me into something positive, I then started an exhibition “Nasty Women Exhibition:London” where I helped other women to gain their voices too.

I hate that society today has done this to women, we need to be empowered, show these animals that we are not standing for it any longer. Change needs to happen.



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