Olivia’s Story: I Was a Virgin

Olivia’s Story: I Was a Virgin

When I was 13 on June 16th 2017 a boy I’ve known since i was 4 was at my neighbors house. Me and my two friends that were girls were hanging out at my house and we started to drink alcohol, and one of my friends invited the two boys over and i started to get drunk and he brought me into a computer room at my house and he started to pull down my pants and he held both my hands down with one hand and i kept telling him no but he put his other hand over my mouth and i kept trying to scream but no one heard my screams but my friends thought we were in there too long so they try to get the door unlocked and one of my friends actually picked the lock and they started to push open the door but he held it shut and then he stopped and pulled up my pants and just left me on the floor bruised and bleeding.



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