Nita’s Story: Me Too

Nita’s Story: Me Too

The election of Donald Trump brought my nightmarish childhoods to life yet again. A powerful, objectifying, entitled narcist is yet again holding the reins over way too much.
Just hung up the phone with my sister… when she told mom grandpa put his hands down her pants mom said, “That’s just what grandpas do.” And then sent me off with said grandpa and his hobo friend at five years old for the day. My eight years older sister said I returned with a shell-shocked face and pockets full of candy.
Started therapy around 45 years old after working with hundreds of abused children. Kind of ran out of tolerance. Woke up one night with a panic attack.. my therapist taught me to listen inside, and I heard “I will kill you if you tell your mother” with my father’s hand around my throat holding me against the wall.
In my teens, I met people who loved God.. and opened their home to me. They breathed hope, I choose life. There was no dogma. And I went on to become a social worker running a residential camp for abused children. Then on to grad school for psychology.
I am on my feet and thriving… but this is not easy. My story has lots more to it… But this is enough for now. Thank you for being here.
Nita Baer



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