Mya’s Story: My 8th grade year (4 years ago)

Mya’s Story: My 8th grade year (4 years ago)

During my middle school years, I was being tortured by this one guy almost every day. He was a skinny guy who was 6ft tall and I was 4’10. I still to this day have never told anyone about this and refuse to, but this story is about someone else. At the beginning of my 8th grade year I met a new kid who was in the same grade. He would always try to get me to be his girlfriend, but I refused. One day I got tired of it so I said yes and we started dating. After two weeks I found out he started cheating on me, but I didn’t really care. A few weeks later him and the other girl broke up and everyone was telling us we should be together, but I refused. The next week while all the 8th graders were outside I was sitting on a bench fiddling with my bracelet. Out of nowhere he comes up to me and snatches it out of my hands and runs off. I get up and start chasing him. As I’m chasing him he runs between two T-Buildings and I follow. Then he stops and I say “Give it back”. He says “I’ll give it back it you kiss me”. I said “Eww no just give it back”. He says “If you kiss me”. After that I go and try to grab the bracelet, but he is holding it up where I can’t reach it. As I try to grab it he grabs my arm. I try to break free, but he grabs my other arm too. ” Let me go”, I say to him. After that he holds my arms up against the side of the building. “Let me go”, I say again. When I said that he leans in and starts kissing my neck. I stand there frozen unable to move or speak. A few moments later three girls who were walking and talking happen to walk by and notice us. ” Oh I see y’all two “, one of them comments. Because of them he becomes distracted. While he is distracted I manage to break free, grab my bracelet and run off to the girls restroom.



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