My story: I knew him

My story: I knew him

This person. This awful person. I knew him for years. I was friends with his sister. It was so weird. Whenever I went over the house, he was so cruel and mean to me. When nobody was around, he was nice to me. When I was 4/5 years old, I went over their house. He told me to go behind the couch. Me being a naive kid went. I sat behind the couch and next thing I know, he had his hands down my shirt, touching me. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never told anyone that. 8 years ago, he found me on Facebook.
He acted like he was interested in me and started using me for money. He took adavanatge of me several times. He sexually assaulted me several times within a month. I’ve only told one person what happened to me.
I know this wasn’t my fault. However I wish I had been smarter and more cautious. I still have nightmares about being assaulted. Thank god I do not have contact with him anymore.
I don’t trust men because of this. I can’t have a normal relationship with a man.



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