Anonymous Story: My dad: I don’t think he’ll ever stop

Anonymous Story: My dad: I don’t think he’ll ever stop

Some people ask me why I won’t tell, and they assume so much. I’m a college girl and I just reunited with my dad, which it seems to be almost a year ago. He wasnt into spending time with me, only my mom, he lied and made excuses and still do. One day things changed, he started to want to spend time with me, and even introduced me to his wife and my little sister, I was so happy. One day his wife and my little sister went out of town and I came over to see my dad for the weekend as usual, but he was acting different that night. I was in bed watching TV with him and it was okay but he turned off the lights and he started hugging on me and kissing my neck, and he took my clothes off, I didn’t tell him to stop until he was about to actually put himself inside of me. He stopped and said he was sorry and his excuse was he missed me so much, but he started doing it again, I pushed his stomach so he wouldn’t, that didn’t work, he started rubbing his penis against my vagina and he told me that he was just rubbing it and then he shoved it in and I gasped, because I was so shocked and it hurted a little bit. Then I wanted to leave, but he made me feel guilty for leaving the room. He hugged me and made me promise that what happened won’t stop me from coming over again. Two weeks after that he took me to a party with his friends, there was smoking and drinking and my dad gave me jello shots and it was strange because he shouldn’t give his daughter any substances and then on the way to his house he wanted me to take my underwear off and I did. He started touching me down there and things started to get worst. Every weekend he picks me up now and forces me to have sex with him before my sister and his wife come home. I want to tell and cry my eyes out to my sister, but if I do then I won’t be able to afford college without my dad. I’m waiting on him to change so i won’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore.



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