Michelle is no longer the victim: Stopping the Cycle

Michelle is no longer the victim: Stopping the Cycle

Assault 1. My cousin took me to “see the bunnies” when I was 4. He showed me his penis and instructed me to touch and lick it. I cried no, and have no memory after. The family kept it a secret and forced me to visit him until I was a teenager.

2. After being gang raped at 13, the girlfriends of the offenders jumped me and beat me for “seducing their boyfriends” while taking pictures that ended up in the school yearbook which I did not get because I was expelled for biting one of the girls. My family the thought I was lying and took me to the clinic not for a rape kit but to check “if my hymen was still there” to prove I was not a virgin. Luckily, the doctor felt bad and just told them I was fine (I did not tell her I was raped)

3. My boyfriends father told me to take my clothes off so he could masturbate on me because I was not “the Virgin Mary” then threatened to hurt my boyfriend if he tried to stop him, I was 14. This happened a lot until he was later arrested for murder.

4. My female math teacher placed her hand on my thigh and told me she “desired me” and locked the door after class. I told her my grandmother was waiting for me and I had to go. She then removed every boy from her class that spoke to me until there was literally two males in the class. I was a Junior.

5. The schools favorite substitute teacher grabbed my nipple and told me I was cute. My friends wanted me to tell the same school that expelled me for biting the girls who jumped me. They did not believe me, until years later many girls came forward.

6. There is more, but I think I am done for the day….Bless ALL of you for sharing and may love and light fill your lives….



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