Megan’s Story: My therapist pedophile

Megan’s Story: My therapist pedophile

My name is Megan when I was a tween I was pretty out there I’m a lot to handle for my conservative upper-class parents. After Cotillion didn’t work my parents sent me to a therapist [Dr. R] in Oak Lawn I had to go through weekly visits up until High School tall is able to make up my mind that I have to go anymore it started when I was a tween and my arcelin Academy school uniform he looks at my skirt lifted it up said he wanted to see what I had on underneath if I was a good girl or a bad girl I was a young girl I didn’t know he was a professional I thought he was going to make me better but now that I’m in my 30s what he did to me was raped I know this now you took advantage of me as a young impressionable confused girl. I recently just randomly tried to look and make sure hopefully he wasn’t working he was old still and he is still practicing I am mortified what other young girls or boys he is taking advantage of I don’t know what to do about it I wanted to get his license taken away I don’t know how to do that. His name is Doctor [R.W.] he has a Ph.D he is now located at [Dallas, TX].



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