Me Too: A Poem

Me Too: A Poem

For the girl on the bus using her headphones

to drown out the advancements of the man

as well as his disgusting words and tones


For the woman walking late at night

With her keys spread as a weapon

In case she needs to be prepared for a fight.


For the mother who doesn’t sleep and is always tired,

Because her husband thought that a wedding ring

Meant a yes was never required


For the child who doesn’t like her own reflection

Because she was betrayed and broken

By the man she looked to for protection.


For the college student who is now failing her class

Because she just went out for a good time

But the second she turned her head, a drug was slipped into her glass


For the teenager walking home from work at night

Talking on her phone to look like someone

would notice if someone grabbed her too tight


For my friend who said no more than once

But because it was her boyfriend

It didn’t matter since it was his touch


For the girls who are taught to keep it under the table

Because being silent about it is better

Than making people uncomfortable


For the girls who tried to do everything they could

But because they didn’t scream no or fight back

It was their fault and were up to no good


For my women who were told it wasn’t rape

Because they were drunk, they dressed slutty,

Or there was no proof on tape.


For my women who didn’t report the crime

Because they were terrified and broken

And felt it would be a waste of time


For my ladies fighting the aftermath

That comes with assault, like PTSD, anxiety, and depression

Because of some terrible human’s wrath.


For me, the young woman who walks in fear

Every day after three men thought her

Body was theirs just because it was here


For every woman who is harassed

For every woman who will be harassed

For every woman who has been assaulted

For every woman who will be assaulted

For every woman who has been raped

For every woman who will be raped


This is for you.




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I am a survivor of two accounts of sexual assault that I only recently discovered were assaults, and coming to terms with this has been the rockiest road I’ve walked. I have let my assaults conquer me and take me down like a house of cards, unfortunately I refuse to be blown over anymore. I joined this team to use my voice and experiences to help others start their journey to recovery and happiness. Neither of my assaults were easy to identify and are ones we are not always educated on, so I understand from personal experience how hard it can be to start the process to recovery, especially when you don’t see the beginning of the path. I want to be that path marker, let me help you start! Never allow yourself to be silenced, your voice will always be yours and cannot be taken away from you. I love all of you. <3



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