Maddy’s Story: Please don’t make me go to school

Maddy’s Story: Please don’t make me go to school

So it all happened in fourth grade.I was ten.It was a normal day a normal routine.I woke up,ate cereal,got dressed,brushed hair,made lunch,brushed teeth,then I was out the door.I was a very good student and I loved school so it was all smiles when I got on the bus.Then I got to school.Right when I got to school Isay everybody in my classroom.But there was a boy that cought my eye,not as in the ‘I Like Him’ kind of eye but the ‘I am getting suspicious about you’ eye.He was wearing a sweatshirt and immediately when I got in the room he just stared at me.For whole first and second period he was just staring he didn’t touch his pencil once.Then around third period I had to use the restroom.I raised my hand,but just as I got he raised his hand too.He asked if he could go to the bathroom.This was the first time he had talked all day.So we were walking out of the classroom and suddenly,he grabs my wrist and pulls me into a spare room.He locks the or behind him.He starts to take off my shirt.I say no to him.He pins me up against a wall and starts taking my shirt off.Then he takes off my bra.Then he starts touching my breasts.I could only say no to him because he had my hands pinned up to the wall.He starts bouncing them and rubbing them.Then he was done.He told me I couldn’t tell anybody about this and I said I wouldn’t.I wasn’t very smiley anymore.I tried to fit in as much as I could and act normal.But let me tell you it was hard and it is hard to keep things like that a secret.Everyday,not even if I just had to use the restroom,anytime I went out of the classroom.Once a day he would sexually abuse me.Everyday he would take me into that spare room.Take off my shirt.And rub my breasts.He did this till middle school.In fith grade he got a phone(I already had one) and said I had to send him a pic if I wanted him to rub my breasts only once.I always said no and the next day got rubbed twice.It was weird because I fit in so easily.All I wanted to do was to act normal.I am extremely lucky that he stopped doing it at middle school.But the thing is that now I am being sexually abused by another guy in my high school.Anyways when there’s a will there’s a way.



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  • Aubrey November 30, at 21:55

    Girl i really hope u got better, sending my prayers sweet girl <3

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