Macy’s story: I cried.

Macy’s story: I cried.

I was in kindergarten when both me and my mom moved into her boyfriends home. I lived happy with my new family for a year until my moms boyfriends brother [E] began to greet me with kisses in the mouth . At first I thought it was an accident but I knew it was wrong . For weeks and weeks he began to force me into kissing him in the mouth, it eventually lead to him touching my chest . I was then in the 4 grade where he had begun to force me on him , he would go into my room and rub my feet against his genitals . I knew it was wrong and he would tell me not to tell my parents or something bad would happen. Months would pass and he then began to expose me to porn and at night he would try to pull down my pants . One night I walked out of my room to get water there he was in the living room watching porn , he grabbed me and pushed me over the couch where he pulled off my pants and tried to penetrate me , i cried. I tried to scream but I couldn’t it felt as if I had left my body . Everyday that would pass I would spend scared . I wanted to tell my mom but i know that it would have ruined everything .’In the summer of going to 6 grade I would cry because my mom would leave me at home while she went to work , and at the time relatives from Chicago came over they would call me crybaby and make fun of me for crying so much when my mom left . They never knew how terrified I was . No one ever stopped to ask why I didn’t want to stay . To this day I have not told anyone . We eventually moved out of the home into a new house nothing has happened since but I still Cary a burden that a man left in me as a child .



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