Loralie’s Story: Truth or Dare

Loralie’s Story: Truth or Dare

they say oh girls it’s the way that they dress gets them raped the way that they act the way that they talk to people they talk to they say it’s with all girls it just depends on how they dress or how they act but I’m sorry when I was raped I was 10 years old I wore jeans everyday baggy jeans baggy shirts with my hair down sometimes there were skinny jeans yes I was raised buy a drug addict I wanted better than things that he had hi wanted to get away from the things that he was doing to me but I lived with him and I’m sorry but I was ten and I don’t believe that I deserve to be raped and everyone says oh girls get raped because of their clothes by that because the attitude but I’m pretty sure that my clothes didn’t provoke him even and even if they did or if they were going to it doesn’t make it okay cuz you know what he was my dad some girls get raped by total strangers because the strangers are screwed up in the head some girls get raped by their Grandpa’s their uncle’s me I got raped by my dad for 2 years to protect my sister to protect the little girl that came to live with me came to live with us I didn’t want him to hurt them I didn’t want to let him hurt them they didn’t deserve it I didn’t deserve it either but I stuck through it I survived and if you’re reading this now that means you survived too it means we survived we made it we cross the finish line of life we struggled hard and it wasn’t just some fake struggle of oh no I lost some money oh no I can’t find my rings oh no it’s such a tragedy that you lost everything because of one mistake that you had no control over to screw other people tell you you’re worth a shot you’re worth fighting for no matter what if they won’t fight for you fight for yourself because God knows I did I thought for myself I fought for my sister you think I wanted my dad to touch me the way that he did you think that I controlled what he thought I’m sorry but if someone tells you it’s your fault by being dressed the way your dress that you got raped and tell them that I’m sorry but I don’t control his brain I know one girl that got B wearing sweats and the baggy shirt ever but oh it was because of what she was wearing no it’s not what because she’s wearing just cuz she looks pretty doesn’t mean you get to rape her doesn’t mean you get to take her innocence innocence instilled or not you can’t do that to a girl you may think it’s fine she’s okay with it but most girls are not okay and they call it rape when you don’t want to do it when you tell someone our society today tells girls that they need to cover their shoulders because it’s so provocative to a guy you’re going to get raped if you show your shoulders or your collarbone oh your knees are so attractive apparently cover them up I’m sorry but nobody told you to look at my niece nobody told you to look at my shoulders nobody told you it was okay to touch me I did not invite you to come over you forced yourself over you did that not me so next time you want to go and tell somebody she wanted it tell them I didn’t tell them it wasn’t my choice but that’s okay because if it wasn’t my choice you’re in jail. I used to blame myself for what happened but now I don’t because I realize going through Society that many girls go through it and many girls it’s not their fault all girls that’s not their fault if he didn’t have such a twisted mind he wasn’t so screwed up that wouldn’t have happened it’s not my fault that my dad wanted to hurt me it’s not I believe he will go to hell and I hope he never hurts anyone again like he hurt me and I hope he’s having fun in prison because I know I’m having fun in the real world where I can walk around and be free and not have to worry about him coming up behind me and hurting that is my story and how I feel about everything that’s been going on in this world.



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