Laila’s Story: He Thought It Was a Compliment

Laila’s Story: He Thought It Was a Compliment

I’m 15. I go to a girl school in London about 20 minutes away from home. The bus stop i get off at is near another high school- a mixed one. It was Christmas Jumper Day, and i was wearing a short sweatshirt and trackpants. I got off the bus to see 7 boys sitting on a wall. I walked past them, alone. From behind, I heard a shout “Yo Laila! Is that you yeah, you lanky girl?” I turned around to look at who it was. I didn’t recognize the boy, and had no clue who he was. I stood waiting to cross the road. The boys continued to shout things like “I like your back(bottom)”, “I like that arse.” I had to phone my friend to tell her what was happening, so I could avoid any contact with them, and to distract myself from it. They continued to catcall for about 5 minutes. Not long, but long enough for me to feel ashamed and naked in a way. But why? Was it really my fault?



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