Kimberly’s Story: When It Never Heals

Kimberly’s Story: When It Never Heals

On the night of June 12, 1986 I was supposed to be having a good time enjoying a concert with my brother. While purchased our tickets I always knew how to get back stage. Prior to this concert I met one of the headliners a year before. I won’t go into detail on that experience because that was a path I chose. As we made our way to the back of the civic center I almost instantly ran into a road manager I knew from the year prior. He remembered me also and I was allowed backstage with my brother. I introduced him to guys that met and they all remembered me. I knew everyone except the new rapper that was performing on that ticket as well. When we were introduced to the others were preparing to perform he seemed very nice to us. We were given pictures and hung out with him. I never thought things would go so horribly wrong. One of his guys took my brother to meet some others I knew already. I thought he wanted to talk…he started nice and then it happened very quickly. Before I knew it he was wrestling me down to the floor and as I struggled with him telling him I was a few weeks pregnant. It didn’t stop him as I continued to struggle he raised his fist to hit me and I stopped. He raped me ejaculated in me and got up being nice. I was so confused, how did I get into this. I didn’t know what to do so I did nothing. For years I thought I brought this on myself so I got past it. Then eventually I started seeing him on television. It started out awards shows and movies things I could avoid. Then one around 2009 I was watching CBS and it seems like every 30 minutes there was a commercial. I wrote CBS and nothing. I called our police department and explained my story and found out the statute of limitations had expired. I have reached out to different organizations and no one believes me. I also feared that because he had money I could be harmed. It’s so very hard to heal and move past this when I never know when he’s going to appear in my living room. It’s like having a sore and having the scab ripped off every time.



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