Kennishewa’s Story: Daddy’s Little Girl

Kennishewa’s Story: Daddy’s Little Girl

Hello, I would like to tell my story….on a national level. This is my very first time ever sharing this publicly online and I think I am going to create a face book page for my story or something. I want to be able to help other women or girls. I have gotten help from great doctors now and am better and able to seek justice now. If you would like to support me or help at all or have any suggestions please reach out to me. A bit of background is I’m 24 now. The sexual abuse STARTED at age 14 until age 16. Everyday for two years. And I was WRONGFULLY incarcerated after I called cps for help for myself for the next two years. Age 16-18. And I’ve basically have been messed up ever since and my perpetrator has never been arrested. Only I was….for no reason at all. I have no idea where to start, so here it goes. Bare with me. It is probably the craziest story you have heard happening to one girl coming out of Indiana, so I’ve been told, anyways, I will give u a very VERY brief so that you know the basis. I was born and raised in Fort Wayne , Indiana. Raised by grandparents. Parents on drugs and incarcerated. Grand parents die within months of each other. I found my nana dead at age 12, very traumatic. Mother released from prison , bunch of abuse, back to prison, sent to foster care by the next school year (2007). My adopted dad took my virginity at age 14 and had sex with me everyday for two years. At age 16 I reported it to cps myself for help …. and instead of helping me they incarcerated me and I had no prior criminal history. I was a straight A student. Age 16-18 however, I was locked away with no visits, calls, or contact with anyone on the outside and released at 18 with nothing so basically made homeless and you can imagine the rest. There’s way more but that’s basically the outline. Bunch of mental complications. I had Stockholm syndrome for years. During my two years of lock up my adopted mother stole my social security checks. She groomed me to be available for her husband in that way. Please help me with a platform to be able to tell my story and bring justice and make the sick people responsible for this take responsibility. Thank you.



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