Kelsey’s Story: Fifteen Months

Kelsey’s Story: Fifteen Months

Fifteen months have come and gone,
But memories still burn
Everyone has told their story, but
I’ve yet to have my turn.
On websites, strangers cry for help
And others tell their story
To be a victim is to have survived;
Some sadistic glory.
I couldn’t tell my doctor,
Nor the shrink who knew my soul
To keep the memory in the past
Was my one and only goal.
The only friends who knew
Had their opinions, as I cried,
I distinctly remember one saying
How she thought that I had lied.
So I’ve kept the words within my throat
Letting the story go up in flame
But smoke can cause some damage
And for me it is the same.
How much longer can I keep it in?
How many times must I learn –
That once a flame is ignited
The fire will always burn.
The memories come flooding back
A fan against the blaze
Each time getting stronger,
Getting lost within the haze.
Regrets now follow,
A common, unfailing wave,
And I drown beneath it all,
Nothing left for them to save.
Oblivion seems welcoming
And I’d rather disappear
But I remember I have a story
And someone, somewhere wants to hear.
The memories still play
A fluid film against the screen
The words will someday flow;
The flames, someday be seen.



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