Kei’s Story: My Fear

Kei’s Story: My Fear

Kei wants a simple and happy marriage with someone love her. She finally meet her husband and willing to share her past story with her husband. Great love contain forgiveness. She love her husband so much, she is very afraid of telling her sexually assaulted history to someone she loves, finally she has the courage to face her past because she met someone really love her.

Her experience with her ex-boyfriend T made her sick. She suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. She said to psychologist “I regret what I did and I am very dirty.” Her ex-boyfriend T told her about his high pressure job and made him stressful, he got very bad temper and always word bullying her girlfriend. he asked for sex, but she rejected every times he asked for. Because she felt very uncomfortable on his bad temper reaction. He said “you are my girlfriend and you should satisfy my sexual needs, every man have sexual needs”. Once when she said no to sex, T hit her. She was very terrified when T tried to touch her. He pushed her on the ground and he was very violent to her, they didn’t have sex successfully. When she resisted, she was told she was “frigid”, he hit her head on the ground.

Since then, she broke up with that horrible person but she suffered from insomnia and lost lots of weight herself. God Bless! She can stand up again finally with her best girlfriend great support at that time. After few years , she met her husband.



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