Kasey’s Story: The Closest Ones Hurt the Most

Kasey’s Story: The Closest Ones Hurt the Most

When I was a child, 4 years old to be exact, having a family was a huge thing. An absent mother made it difficult for me to have that family, so having my Godmother and Godfather as that family was so important to me. But, wanting to have that family also made me stay silent with my story for almost a decade. My Godfather, who I loved more than anything, was the man to ruin my vision of that family. He was an alcoholic and I knew it wasn’t right, but when you’re 4 years old, you want to make sure no one leaves your life. Though he never put anything inside, he touched me inappropriately and it ruined how I saw men until I found my husband. I never felt comfortable telling anyone, despite him doing the same thing with my cousin. When she came forward I was still scared and I denied it until I was thirteen and I finally broke down. Hearing how my uncle wanted to harm my godfather for what he did to me made me feel so protected and I felt happy to get it out, but I had never told anyone in detail nor said anything aside from who molested me. Come to find out, my cousin and I were not his first and he was no longer allowed in the state I live in.



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