June’s Story: He was my best friend

June’s Story: He was my best friend

In May of this year I was raped. I always thought it was not possible for me to be raped. Not because I was strong, but because my boyfriend, Allan (*All names in this story have been changed), was always there. On May 6th he was leaving for the day to go on a during the day field trip, and wouldn’t be able to talk. This was not a issue, because me, my friend Jamie, and my best friend Dominic were going to hang out at the public library. Once we all mt up it was going good until Dominic asked to talk alone. Something i should mention is I weighed 105 pounds and was very weak. He weighed about the same but practiced fighting and was quite strong. When he asked to talk alone i thought nothing on it. He was my best friend, i trusted him. We were outside the library in the garden area and no one was around. Before i could think he had me on the ground hidden by bushes. Sparing you the details, he didn’t get a chance to finish, because he heard our other friend and got scared. After that I remained confused for 2 days before reporting it. But threw out it all i have not cried over what he did. Only the fact ill never see him again. He was my best friend and i loved him as a brother. After the act he cried tons and was very sorry.. Currently he is on house arrest and i keep trying to save him.. I don’t know why. He was 13, i was 15.



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