Johanna’s Story: Johanna vs State of Florida

Johanna’s Story: Johanna vs State of Florida

I was sexually assaulted by a group of cops May 13, 2000. That was Mother’s day this year and also the year, 2007, my husband was murdered 3 days after his birthday, and the same day I came out of court w out an ankle monitor.. Coincidence?

My story may be too complicated for most to want to hear, but who am to say you won’t keep up..

Fast forward.. I’m on the news, May 2016, allegedly threatening the same police department.. Today, almost 2 years, 7 lawyers, 2 judges later, the case has yet to begin.. I try to explain that I’m the same person that escaped almost 20 rapist cops w my life, but they don’t understand what I mean.. Not all of them present, would come to do the same act.. proven thru me in court now, because I’m trying to retrieve a copy of the report they gave me and I gave to the New Times newspaper [said they ‘lost it’ when they moved] and w no other copy, that states a cop came forwards 2 weeks after the incident.. so he had to think of his life too right.. but he still did the right thing.. so why are they questioning how long I should take, when my name was given by the cooperative yet frightened one too..

I’ll end w this.. I’ve been looking for a lawyer, and as a lawyer by default [auntie took me to college and let me read her books/notes in Dominican Republic] can say, that none exist because the system has yet to allow it.. how is it that not one lawyer exists of this sort, freely, in Florida.. they say they don’t do this, and to take it up w the state.. well I’m in court for taking it up w the state.. I was getting those papers, again, for them, because they said they couldn’t find them, after denying me for years also.. and so I went to try and get them, and was met w hostility, claiming they don’t exist.. only when I was getting arrested, because I said blow up (your phone) til I get these papers, arresting detective C said, “they are in a warehouse”.. well, you get where this is going right.. vicious cycle.. see you on the other side of these proceeding.. People vs..




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