Jody’s Story

Jody’s Story

I was on of the worst cases of child abuse,I was sexually abused by my adoptive parents “both” of them I was lock in a dog kennel. I was sold to other men when I was 6. I was one of the children that fell through the cracks of the dhs,cps, system. Throughout my whole life I was sexual abused,and raped. And I watched children be murdered in front of me. But no Adults believed a child that was not wanted.. But I am more then that now I am a person with dreams and I want people to know you are not alone!!! We all fight and some of us do not make it but the ones that do We ARE POWERFUL ENOUGH and we fought to get to where we are today. I was raped for 18 hours almost 4 years ago. Never give up. Your not alone!!



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