Jenny’s Story: Just

Jenny’s Story: Just

One step-father: Age ?? – Age 13, Wisconsin & Missouri
1. Creep into my room.
2. Pull back my covers up to my stomach.
3. He only watched, and never touched.
4. For how long though?
5. It gets cold, I wake up, but he doesn’t know.
6. I move a little so he thinks I’m going to wake up.
7. He leaves.
8. I make a card for myself for my 13th birthday.
9. I stop cleaning my room.
10. I never clean my room.
11. There is always stuff on my floor.
12. No one wants to come into my room.

Five cousins: Age ?? to Age 7, Wisconsin
1. Let’s play house.
2. Let’s go upstairs.
3. We’re mom and dad.
4. It’s time to go to bed.
5. Someone spoons me.
6. Someone moves against me.
7. I don’t want to play house anymore.
8. I don’t want to play any game anymore.
9. I know how to read now.
10. I don’t play with anyone.
11. I only read my books.
12. My parents move us to Missouri.

One boyfriend: Age 22
1. Online dating site and we chat for 6 months.
2. First boyfriend, first date.
3. Movie.
4. We kiss in his car, we move to the backseat.
5. He wants to touch, he wants to see, he wants to finger.
6. He wants to grind, not penetrate.
7. He sticks it in.
8. I was a virgin.
9. He’s my first so I agree to date.
10. We date for a year.
11. So much time wasted.
12. We break up.

It’s my body. I turn 23. I fuck 31 guys in 2013. By CHOICE.

Love of my Life:
1. Meet in 2014.
2. I tell him all of the above.
3. Engaged in 2017.
4. Married in 2019.
5. Buying a house this year(2020).
6. Plan to get pregnant this year(2020).
7. Future….



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