Jennifer’s Story: Banned for Addressing an Issue

Jennifer’s Story: Banned for Addressing an Issue

Working at the beach of the cook coma end of the night with a shot and a half of year then blacked out. Got found downtown parked the opposite direction asleep in my car by police officers knocking on my window asking if I knew where I was, my reply was sleeping off a night of drinking in the parking lot at the beach after leaving work. The cops said no that is not correct your downtown, you need to find a ride home and leave your car parked here. Call my boyfriend that had been sitting on my doorstep for a few hours waiting on me to get off of work, he also works with me. You met me at a gas station halfway to help pay for my taxi and get me home, when I got there I asked him to help me get a tampon out that I’ve been shoved deep inside me because I couldn’t find it, we woke up the next day asking what that was all about, he figured I cheated on him. We both get ready to go to work, there’s a hickey on my neck, and bar back has hickeys on his neck and scratches on his chest, he says to me that he fell, but I knew something else that happened. Throughout the day he had asked me if he left his sunglasses in my car, after telling me that I drove off by myself when I left. Something didn’t add up he was hiding what he really knew and had left his glasses in my car so you must have remembered something. He got coming into the kitchen where I was working to get paper towels I needed him to stay away from me until I had processed everything and tried to remember something. He wouldn’t stop antagonizing Myspace request so I put him in the corner with a knife held up to his neck and told him stay far away from me because he’s not telling what really happened and I needed to know, so I went and put money into a punching bag and got a score of 890, telling him to stay away from me because the next and I punch was going to be his head, the manager took me into his office asked me what was wrong then went to the bartender to get more of the story, stated that when I was blackout drunk the bar back took me to the Side Bar that was closed down facing the beach to have sex with me in front of customers, he also told me I did a strip tease around the bar and hit my head on the bar and fell but that didn’t stop the bartender from adding up a 30 some-odd dollar tab to make it look like I had drank just enough to be trashed, there was money missing out of my console in my car there was money missing out of my bank account from the bar back, he told my boyfriend in the cook that he asked me to take him to a drug dealer’s house to buy cocaine, and probably use the money in my console for his drug habit, there was scratch marks on the inside ceiling of my car, when I left my job the barback stated I had hit a handicap pole while leaving, so he went out there to check me I’ll and stated he stayed behind but really went with me and what gave him away was him asking if he left his sunglasses in my car. I called the authorities about this to report these nuts glitch in activities from the employees that let this happen but everyone turned their backs on me and nobody said anything about what happened and I got banned from my job instead.



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