Jacque’s Story: One Night Destroyed our Marriage

Jacque’s Story: One Night Destroyed our Marriage

We went out with friends, and we both had been drinking. I was really tired and went straight to bed when we got home about 3 am. She was not having it. She pulled off my jeans and I was too tired and drunk to stop her. I said no and I asked her to stop, I did not consent and she didn’t care. She laughed and pulled my underwear down and performed oral on me against my will. I was frozen, too afraid to move. She got on top of me and straddled me as she had her way with me, I just turned me head and closed my eyes waiting for this to be over. She kept kissing my face and she even dug her finger nails into my chest leaving scratches that reminded me of her violence for days!

When she was done she just laid on top of me and fell asleep using my body as a pillow. I was objectified to nothing but a penis and a pillow.

We were married 8 years, I couldn’t even look at her. She broke the trust I had in her. She couldn’t understand what the problem was. She kept saying she was my wife so that makes it okay, she could just jump on me any time she felt like it. That made me feel cheap and worthless. None of our friends understood, my pastor didn’t understand the problem, even my own parents acted like I should just do my duty as her husband. No one understands. Spousal rape is real and it hurts.



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