Jackson’s Story: Too Young to Know Better

Jackson’s Story: Too Young to Know Better

It was a humid night in June or July of
2014, Timber was playing from the open
windows of my dads Silverado. I was sitting
on top of the truck with my little brother(6)
and my friend (13) ( I had just turned 9 last
December). The mosquitoes were starting to
Bite and my friend suggested that we go
Inside. I agreed and my brother followed us
Inside the rundown trailer we lived in. We
Stepped in and went to the room at the
Farthest end of the house. I thought it was
Strange because my room was right next door
But now it’s obvious he took us there because
It was one of the few rooms with a door. He
Was like an older brother so I didn’t question
The reasoning for going in there. We got in
And he said it was hot and took his shirt off,
He told us we should do it too. We followed
His directions, and he told us to keep going.
We were eventually down to nothing but our
Underwear and I was feeling uncomfortable
But didn’t really understand that something
Was wrong. He told me to take off my under-
Wear and he took his off too. My dad was
Still outside drinking beer and was oblivious
To what was happening. He told me to get
Behind the bed and crawled behind with me.
He pushed me down until I was on my knees
And told me to kiss his genitals. I told him I
Didn’t want to and it was gross to touch
Other boys but he threatened to break
something if I didn’t do what he said.
I didn’t want to make my mom sad so I did
What he said. I kept kissing that area until
He told me to start putting it in my mouth.
He continued to instruct me on how to
Perform oral sex on him. He would get angry
And make threats any time I made a mistake.
He told me to bend over and proceeded to
Rape me. He only stopped when I was crying
And begged him to stop. It would continue
To happen for months, with him occasionally
Raping my brother as well. He later went to
Juvie for shooting someone. I am now very
Socially awkward and shy. I have trouble
Trusting anyone. I eventually got my grades
Up to average levels in 8th grade. It became
Hard to learn after that experience and I now
Face the consequences of trusting the wrong



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