J.D.R.’s Story: I have been murdered by my rapist, his family, and the justice system.

J.D.R.’s Story: I have been murdered by my rapist, his family, and the justice system.

I am J.D.R., and I was physically and sexually assaulted almost 3 years ago by a police officer in Salem, VA. I was shocked, scared, stayed quite; I stopped functioning, I stopped going to school, working; scared to leave my house or go anywhere. I never got the courage to report him because of the things he said, his social status and the fact that his father is a lieutenant; also, I was afraid of my family pointing the figure at me and blaming me. I only got the courage to stand up for myself from behind a computer in my room telling everyone what happened to me, which got ME in trouble not him. I finally got the courage to report him, but it was pointless, they only believed his lies, and his father has many connections, so they put me in jail not him. They did not want to hear my side of things only his and his family’s side. I went back the PD to ask about the investigation…they did not have a file or one piece of paper about him or the investigation. They did nothing to help me but did everything to help him. And now, they are humiliating me in jail, the staff know him and his dad and think I am a liar and crazy. I got to a point of wanting to die the whole time, that is all I think about and all I want. I tried taking my life multiple times, and it ended with me waking up or fear taking over me. I have to beg the staff for medical help, instead of help, they treat me like garbage, tell other inmates that I am crazy, violent, retard and those are things that I heard and witnessed. I have completely lost hope in life, and people. I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and severe depression. My meds don’t help or change reality. I feel like a worthless garbage, no one believes me or wants to listen to what happened to me. Sharing my story did not help me whatsoever, they kept on attacking me because I am a brown-skin foreigner and he’s an all American white man. I had no chance, and he was right about everything that was going to happen if I dared to say anything. I am in constant pain and it is not going away. I am lost and tired of living. There is no point in anything. Cops are liars, they are not there to serve and protect ALL people. They are there to protect and serve each other, kill, rape, and torture people.
I am J. D. R., and I have been murdered by my rapist, his family, and the justice system.



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